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Spadester allows you to play for fun or real money. There is a guide for beginners that explains how to play the 3 different versions of Spades

Games Include:

Individual Spades - Each player makes a bet. Once everone has placed their bets the first player begins with a non spade card. Then going clock wise each player must follow suit, the game is won by the highest card played of that suit. If however a player puts a spade, then the highest spade wins
Cutthroat Spades - Each player is dealt seventeen cards, and the left over card is thrown out of play for that game. Players then bid for the number of tricks they think they will make between 0 and 17. The game then play as the individual game above.
At the end of the game extra points are won if the original guess matches the actual score Partnership Spades - Play with a partner and plays as above
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